Monday, July 26, 2010

if I could just hold you, tonight..

and I need you,
and I miss you,
and now I wonder...

if I could fall into the sky,
do you think time
would pass me by?
cause you know I'd walk a thousand miles
if I could just see you..
tonight ..

lagi tergila-gila ma ini lagu .
soundtrack of this night .
lagu yang ngwakilin gue malam ini , detik ini .
emang rada nyasar si liriknya sama kondisi gue saat ini , karna ga mungkin gue jalan 1000mil demi memenuhin rasa kangen gue sama dia. haha
but over all , lagu ini tetep ngena bgt bwt malam ini . for u .. mr.blablabla (hahahahahahaha)

it's always times like these
when I think of you,
and wonder if you ever think of me

cause everything's so wrong
and I don't belong
livin' in your precious memory

I, I, don't wanna let you know
I, I, drown in your memory
I, I, don't wanna let this go
I, I, don't

trus gue puter ulang . sampai gue terlelap tidur ..
good nite ..

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